Supplier Tools and Benefits

Improved Sales
It begins with free exposure, better brand promotion and a simple, powerful tool that helps you reach more customers. Here's what else GetYourGuide provides:

More Sales and Bookings

Sign up for free and let us do the work. Through our online platform, our partner websites, GYG mobile apps and other distribution channels, we increase your exposure to get you more sales.

Free Marketing

Because we make money only when you do, we work hard to get you recognized and your products booked.

Easy-to-Use Platform

GetYourGuide is simple for you and your customers. Suppliers can directly upload prices, set availabilities, and handle bookings. Customers enjoy detailed, accessible activity descriptions, guaranteed prices, and secure payments without additional credit card fees.

Increased Direct Bookings

We display the names of all local suppliers along with their products, giving customers the choice to book through you directly.

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GetYourGuide Partner Network
Our network of distribution platforms, travel websites, and agencies elevates your brand's presence and helps increase bookings. Learn more about our partners

Reach a Wider Audience

Your company will automatically be promoted through our extensive partner network, making your products visible and bookable to millions of potential customers around the world.

Our Network

From leading travel websites and online agents to hotel websites and tourism boards, GetYourGuide's industry partners are committed to helping promote your products.

Promotion Through Partnership

Through white label solutions, widgets, links, banners, XML-integrations, Pre-trip email integrations, and many other methods, our partner network promotes your products to increase your revenues.

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Complete Support
GetYourGuide's support teams give you and your customers everything you need to make the promotion and booking process a success.

Quality Customer Care

Our friendly, multilingual Customer Care team provides round-the-clock support. We handle the little things so that you can focus on giving customers an amazing experience.

Supplier Support

Your personal Account Manager assists you with any questions about your GetYourGuide account and our system, ensuring that you get prompt, useful responses.

Helpful Supplier Tools

We're committed to helping your products sell, so we give you the tools to make it happen. Free analytics tools, translation services, optimization, and more turn your potential bookings into sales.

Direct Payments

No invoices and electronic receipts make booking transactions easy. We transfer money automatically each month in the currency you select.

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Brand Promotion
Increase your company's online visibility, receive global recognition through partnering, and communicate directly with your customers to represent your brand.

Prominent Brand Placement

GetYourGuide displays your company name alongside all of your products, providing free advertising and more recognition for your brand.

Local Company, Global Recognition

Your association with GetYourGuide gains the trust of potential customers. Knowing a company works with a worldwide distribution partner assures customers that your services have been verified and approved.

Supplier-Customer Communication

With our Product Inquiry Forms, customers can interact with suppliers before they even make a booking. Whatever the customer query, suppliers receive the customer's message and can respond directly.

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Free to Use
We don't make money until you do. Commission is on successful bookings only.

Pay Only for Success

The only fee you pay is the commission, which is only deducted from successful bookings made through GetYourGuide.

Unlimited Uploads

We encourage you to upload all of your products to GetYourGuide. The more you offer, the more opportunities a customer has to know your brand and book with you.

Free Features

Our team works hard to ensure your GetYourGuide products sell. As a GetYourGuide supplier, you are entitled to content optimization, translation services, customer support, and marketing – all entirely free of charge.

Simple Payment Procedure

The payment for your tours is directly transferred monthly to the bank account you specify. Our easy service handles refunds and covers all credit card, bank, and transfer fees for you.

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